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VAT Qualifying Cars

Most cars we sell on mfldirect are not VAT qualifying, but occasionally we do publish a small number of VAT qualifying vehicles.

You can identify a VAT qualifying car on mfldirect by the VAT icon on the vehicle listing. If you choose to buy a VAT qualifying car, there are some small differences to our usual processes you should know about:

Your VAT invoice

If you buy a VAT qualifying car, our system automatically issues a non-VAT qualifying invoice. We then produce a reversal invoice which supersedes the automated original and includes the VAT element. You will also receive a credit note for the original non-VAT qualifying invoice.  These will be available to download from your purchase history within 24 hours of purchase.

Please note that the total value of the invoice will not change.


  • A standard non-VAT qualifying car is invoiced at a straight £10,000
  • A VAT qualifying invoice will still invoice as a total of £10,000, however the breakdown will look like this - car value £8,333.33 + VAT £1,666.67 = Total £10,000

Delivery cost on VAT qualifying cars

If you choose to have the car delivered, the delivery cost remains VAT qualifying.

Claim payments on VAT qualifying cars

If you raise a claim on a VAT qualifying car and we agree a contribution, the contribution value agreed will be inclusive of VAT.