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Maintenance & Service History

Most of our vehicles come with a full service history which you can view at any time.

The only exception is vehicles that have been returned that are less than 9 months old.

It is important to check a car’s service history before you buy, to make sure you are happy with its history. Here’s how you can view a service history before or after you buy a vehicle.

View the service history before you buy

You can easily see a car’s service history by checking the details in its listing on mfldirect.

Just click on the vehicle you are interested in, and scroll down to see it's service history.  The service history will show details on any services or maintenance the vehicle has had, and will include:

  • the date the work was carried out
  • the vehicle's mileage at the time
  • details of the dealership where the work was carried out.

Retrieve the service history on your purchase

To find the service history of any vehicle you have bought, just log in to mfldirect and click on Purchases on the top navigation bar.

Find the car you want to view by browsing through your list of recent purchases or searching using the vehicle’s registration number.

Click on View Order for the vehicle you want and scroll down to see it's service history.