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Invoices, Credit Notes & Collection Notes

You can find all your important documents stored in one place.

The Invoices & Collection notes area of your purchase history hold three important document types: Invoices, Credit notes and Collection notes 

How to access your purchase documents

To find your invoices and collection notes, just log in to mfldirect and click on Purchases on the top navigation bar.

From there you have two ways of accessing your documents:

  • Click on Invoices and Collection Notes and then search for the documents you need using the car's registration number.
  • Browse through your list of recent purchases or search using the vehicle’s registration number, and then click on View Order to see the documents for that vehicle.

 Once you have found the documents you need, you can easily download and save them for printing.

We strongly recommend you save each document locally, as invoices and collection notes are stored for six months. After that time they will no longer be available.

When you can access your purchase documents

Invoices and collection notes are not available until the car has been handed back to the dealership.  The timings of this will depend on the stock type of your purchase.

  • If you bought a vehicle that has already been returned to us, your documents will be ready from 8.30am the day after purchase.
  • If you bought a Preorder vehicle, your documents will be ready from 8.30am the day after the car is handed back.

Find out more about Stock Types.