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Making a Claim

Our cars are not always in the condition we’d like them to be, so making a claim with mfldirect is easy.

Built in consultation with you, our award-winning claims application streamlines the process, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we will get you a fast outcome.

Claims is designed to work around you and your busy day:

  • Save your claim– save draft claims and update them at a time that suits you.  If you need to step away, you won't lose your progress. 
  • Update your claim- If we need any further information, you can easily add it and update your claim.
  • Track your progress – you'll know when we are going to review your claim, and you'll see how your claim is progressing in real-time.
  • Add images and videos –you can drag and drop videos and images from your desktop, or add them to your claim straight from your phone.
  • See your claims history – all your important claim information is now in one place, and you can download PDFs for your own records when you need them.

You'll see a reason for every decision we make and, if you are claiming for multiple areas of damage, you can check in to see which areas have been approved, if there are any we can’t support and which areas we are still reviewing and have requested more information.

What can I claim on?

All mfldirect vehicles are covered by our mfldirect Condition Standards, which guarantee cars to a trade standard. mfldirectAuction vehicles are sold as seen, and are therefore not covered by these standards. You can still claim for keys, misdescribed vehicles and any major damage that was not noted on the condition report.

Are you ready to claim?

Log in to mfldirect with your usual details, click Claims at the top of the screen and you are ready to start your claim.