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Your Personal mfldirect Profile

Every dealership still has its own unique buying account and dealer ID, but now anyone using our services needs to use their personal username and password to get access.

Access is managed by the person who is on our records as the primary mfldirect contact at your site.  They have full access to mfldirect and can add team members to the dealership account and decide on the right level of access for them. 

If you need access to mfldirect, just get in touch with your site's primary contact. If you are not sure who that colleague is, please call the Customer Support team on 0370 6000 288.

Manage your personal mfldirect profile

When you log in to mfldirect and click on your name, just click on Manage Account in the dropdown to access your own mfldirect profile.

In this section you will be able to see your username and the email address you have on record.  You can also see which dealerships are linked to your account, and which mfldirect services you can use at each dealership.

Find out below what to do if you need to update anything in your profile.


Update your email address

If you need to update your email address, call the Customer Support team on 0370 6000 288 and they will go through the process with you.


Update your password

It’s easy to update your password quickly and securely yourself, and we recommend you do this periodically to keep your account secure. 

Just click on Update Password and enter your current password.

You’ll then be redirected to an update password page, where we will ask you to enter your current password and create a new one, making sure it has:

  • at least 8 characters
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 special character

Once you have completed these steps, click Update Password. We’ll then confirm the update on screen and will send a confirmation email to you for your record.


Set your delivery preferences

We’ve made it possible for you to set your delivery preferences, to help speed up your buying.  

You can choose to have all cars delivered as default, to save you time at the checkout. This will then apply to all purchases you make so you won’t have to select it each time you buy from us.

To set up your delivery preference, just click delivery and that’s it! Your delivery preferences will be saved.

It’s worth noting that the logistics preferences are account specific, so if you have access to multiple accounts you will need to set the right preference for each account.


Update your permissions

Every mfldirect profile has up to four permissions, and you can have any, or all of them, depending on what you need to do on mfldirect:

  • Access - Everyone with a profile has this permission. They can log in to your dealership and do everything apart from buying vehicles.
  • Buy - People with this permission can buy a vehicle and choose collection or delivery.
  • Manage Profiles - This permission means a person can authorise and manage all mfldirect profiles at the dealership.
  • Assign Order Email Recipients - People with this permission can choose who will receive order confirmation emails.

If you work across multiple dealerships, you need to have the relevant permissions set up for each dealership. 

If you think you don't have the right combination of permissions, just get in touch with your site's primary contact. They can manage profiles for your dealership and can make any changes necessary. If you are not sure who that colleague is, please call the Customer Support team on 0370 6000 288.

If you are the primary contact for your dealerships, you can update your permissions yourself. See manage profiles to find out how.


Update your dealerships

You can easily remove any dealerships that are no longer relevant to you by clicking on the dots beside the dealership name and selecting Leave Dealership.

If you need to be added to any additional dealerships, just get in touch with your primary contact and they can add you.

If you have any problems, or you are not sure who that colleague is, please call the Customer Support team on 0370 6000 288.