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MOT & Vehicle Tax

Our cars have different MOT test statuses. Find out why and how to check a car’s status below.


Cars that have been supplied by a mainland dealership will have had an MOT test from 33 months onwards.

Cars in Northern Ireland do not have their MOT test until the end of their fourth year. If the car is under four years old, it will not have an MOT test pass certificate but it will have been serviced in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

Vehicle Tax

Some types of vehicle are ‘exempt’ from paying a vehicle tax, so it is free to tax them.  Even if the new owner doesn’t have to pay for their vehicle tax, they must still tax their vehicle to make sure it shows as taxed on DVLA’s records.

Check your vehicle’s MOT and Tax status

You can easily check the MOT and Vehicle Tax status of any vehicle.  Just visit the vehicle enquiry page and enter the registration number and make of the vehicle.

Once mfldirect cars are in trade, you will see a red box on the left indicating that the car is not taxed, and the MOT status on the right.

Please note: we put cars into trade 24 hours after they're purchased. If it isn’t showing back in trade please contact the Customer Support team on 0370 6000 288 for help.

To Tax a vehicle purchased from the Isle of Man and brought to the mainland, you do not need to contact HMRC as IoM vehicles are exempt.

DVLA will require some documentation, further detail of which can be found on the DVLA website.