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Stock & Publishing Information

Find the right vehicles for your forecourt with our regular stock publications.

We publish fresh stock regularly across mfldirect, mfldirectAuction and our Nearly New WAV site. You can find out more about our different publication times and how to find the right vehicles for you on each of our sites below.


We publish fresh stock on mfldirect every weekday at 9am and 2pm.

All mfldirect stock is available for preview before it goes on sale, giving you the time to find, review and shortlist the cars you want to buy. Our preview times are 1pm for the 2pm publication, and 4pm for the 9am publication the next day.

To help you find the right cars for you, all our cars are in one of two categories - Available Stock and Preview Stock

On Sale and Preview Stock

All vehicles that have been returned to the handback dealer or have been moved to one of our refurbishment sites are categorised as either On Sale or Preview stock.

On Sale cars are those that have a price that is viewable and are available for immediate purchase. Vehicles without a price are Preview cars. These are not yet ready to buy but are online so you can research and add them to your shortlist prior to the publication time.

We lease our vehicles for an average of three years but, due to changing customer circumstances, some vehicles are returned early, while others can have their leases extended. This means that the age of our stock can range from only a few days old up to around 5 years old.

Collection & Delivery
All stock can be collected one working day after purchase or will be immediately available for delivery.

How to find Preview or On Sale Stock

To find Preview Stock, you can use the category dropdown in your search page. From here you can select either Preview 9am or Preview 2pm depending on the time of your search and the next publication.

If Preview cars aren't for you and you only want to view stock that's ready to buy, you can do this by selecting the tick box in the search page. Just tick the 'On Sale Only' box and we'll show you the cars that are priced and ready to purchase. 

Other ways to buy cars

You can also choose to buy vehicles from mfldirectAuction and our Nearly New WAV website. Find out more about each below.


We have a weekly sales schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays for cars and Wednesdays for WAVs with previews for each sale the day before. You can read the damage reports and review all the important information ahead of time. Allowing you to make an informed decision on the vehicles you want to buy.

If you are already registered to buy cars through mfldirectAuction, visit the website and log in to view, bid and buy.

If you don’t currently use mfldirectAuction, find out more and register to buy with mfldirectAuction.

Nearly New WAV

We review our Nearly New WAV stock daily, and we add new vehicles as soon as they become available.