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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If you have a customer who needs excellent space and ease of access, a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) might be the perfect answer.

The Motability Scheme offers customers WAVs that have been specially converted, so that a wheelchair user can travel as a driver or passenger. With adaptions such as lowered floors, raised roofs and ramps, WAVs give excellent space and ease of access. They are a great option for your customers, who might include:

  • Disabled customers not on the Motability Scheme
  • Organisations such as day centres and residential homes.
  • Taxi drivers who want to provide disabled access.
  • Anyone who regularly moves heavy equipment.

Buying WAVs with mfldirect
There are three ways to buy WAVs with mfldirect:

  • If the WAV is less than 4 years old and is of an acceptable condition, it will be classed as a Nearly New WAV, and will be sold through our dedicated Nearly New WAV website.
  • If it is too old or has high mileage, but is of an acceptable standard it will be published on mfldirect, and will be available for all dealers to purchase.
  • If it is too old or has high mileage or is not of an acceptable condition it will be available to purchase on mfldirectAuction

What are the common WAV adaptations?

Lowered Floors

Lowered floors do not affect the engine or any servicing and maintenance work. It may have been extended to allow access for the wheelchair between the back seats, and ramps provide access to the lowered floor.

Ramps, Winches & Lifts

Ramps are attached to the back of the vehicle and fold up out of the way when the door is closed. Most are low angled and lightweight, so are easy to operate. They can be used with a powered winch, designed to hook onto the front of a wheelchair and assist with movement up the ramp.

Lifts are less common and are used on larger vehicles where lowering the floor is not an option.

Seat Configuration

Seating can be configured to allow a wheelchair user to sit next to other backseat passengers in the car. Alternatively, they can be seated behind the front seats with no additional seats in the back. Reduced width seats are often used to allow for extra wheelchair space.

Seatbelts & Securings

Securing points can be attached to the floor to hold the wheelchair in place, and seatbelts are fitted to accommodate the wheelchair user in their chair. Most fittings are easily removed if not required.