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Viewing, Shortlisting & Buying

Browse through all vehicles or use your shortlist to view, compare and buy cars.

Everything you need to know about our vehicles is there before you buy, and we’ve streamlined buying too.

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Improved vehicle information

We know that it’s vital to have as much information as possible available before you buy. That’s why we're publishing full vehicle listings before they are available to buy.

You can use the summary of key information to make quick decisions on the cars you want to buy and, if you want more in-depth information, you can view the detail in the listing, including:

  • Multiple images
  • Service history
  • CAP ID

so that you have the full information before the cars go on sale.

Shortlisting ahead of time

We’ve designed the shortlist to give you a better chance of securing more of the vehicles you need.

When you have found the cars you are interested in, just shortlist to add them to your homepage before they go on sale. Then, all you have to do is log in to mfldirect and you can buy them straight from your homepage as soon as they become available.   

Shortlist in one click

You can shortlist a car from three places across mfldirect:

  • directly from your search results
  • your homepage
  • your stocklist

To shortlist, simply click on the blue star - it will turn yellow to confirm the car has been added. You can remove a vehicle from your shortlist at any time by clicking on the star again.

If you are buying for more than one dealership, please make sure you have switched to the correct dealership before you buy from your shortlist.  Find out more about switching dealerships.

Viewing your shortlist

To see all your shortlisted vehicles, click on the ‘View full shortlist’ button.  This will take you to your personal shortlist page where you can: 

  • See the cars you have shortlisted
  • Search your shortlisted cars by registration
  • See which cars have sold and remove them
  • Remove cars you are no longer interested in

Cars will stay in your shortlist until they are either bought or removed, meaning it is easy to keep on top of what is important to you. Click ‘home’ from anywhere on the website and you will have easy access back to your personalised list.

For quick buying, you can purchase cars directly from your shortlist. Simply click Buy on the car you want, to secure the deal.

Buy cars faster

We’ve streamlined the buying process, so you can secure more of the vehicles you need.

You can buy a car wherever you see it on mfldirect – from your shortlist, your search listings, on each vehicle detail card or directly from your homepage – in just a couple of clicks.

To secure a car, simply select the ‘Buy’ button, choose your delivery or collection option and buy. That’s it!

If you decide you don’t want to go ahead with the purchase, you can click cancel at any time before you pay to be directed back to the previous page.