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Bidding & Buying on mfldirectAuction

Each sale gives you two options. Bid on the vehicles you want and wait to see if you've won, or use Buy Now to buy straightaway.

Bidding on vehicles

If you've chosen to bid on cars you will be able to see:

  • The starting bid amount
  • If bids have already been placed
  • The current bid amount
  • The number of bids to date 

You can find out more about the process for placing, managing and increasing bids below.

Place a bid

There are two places on the website where you can place bids: the auction homepage or each individual listing.

Placing a bid is easy, just click on the Place Bid button and enter your maximum bid amount. You can use the buttons on the right to add increments of £50, £100 or £250 to your maximum bid. Bids will be placed for £50 above the starting or current bid amount.

Once you've reviewed and agreed the terms & conditions, click on the Place Bid button.

Finally, you need to confirm the bid. Check that you are happy with both your current and maximum bid amounts and once you are, click to confirm your bid on the vehicle.

Keep track of your bids

Once you have successfully placed your bids, you can keep track on whether you're the highest bidder or if you've been outbid, in three different ways:

  • Check on each individual vehicle record by the colour coding; green for highest bidder and red for outbid
  • View the status of all vehicles you're bidding on in the Bids & Requests tab at the top of your screen
  • View your outbid notifications in the Messages tab, also at the top of your screen

Managing multiple bids

If bidding on multiple vehicles, you can quickly and easily use the Bids & Requests tab to track and increase any bids.


Increase your bid

If you've been outbid and want to increase your maximum bid amount, just click the Increase Bid button to update your maximum bid amount. Don't forget to place and confirm it too.

Winning your vehicle

When you win, we'll send an update to you in the Messages area, to let you know. You will also see the status of the vehicle in the Bids & Requests tab change to bid accepted. To finish, you will need to check out your mfldirectAuction purchase by clicking on Complete Purchase.

Buy Now
Many of our vehicles have a buy now option, so you don’t have to wait to see if you have won. Just click on the Buy Now button, follow the checkout process and the vehicle is yours.