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Collection Paperwork

We want to make sure that collecting your car is a smooth process, so make sure you have the right documents with you when you go.

Whoever is collecting your car for you will need to take the following items with them:


Collection Note

Your collection note can be found in your purchase history the day after you buy the car or, if it is an imminent, the day after it’s handed back. Your collection note gives you all the information you need to successfully collect your car, including:

  • Movement ID number - this is unique to your purchase
  • Vehicle location - the address and contact number for the collection site
  • Proof of Collection document - one copy for you and one to leave at the collection site
    Other information - identification and documents you need to take to the collection site

Authorisation Letter

We want to protect your purchase, so cars are only released to authorised people.

If you use a third party collection agency, the driver must bring paperwork to confirm they are collecting the car on your behalf.

This must include the details of the car they are collecting, along with the Unique Movement ID, which can be found on the collection note.


Driver ID

It is really important that whoever is collecting the car takes their ID badge with them to show on arrival.


Inspection document

We supply a Proof of Collection document with the Collection note. This document and checklist ensure your car’s condition has been correctly described, but you can use your own collection paperwork, as long as it includes the same information as our version. 

The completed document must be signed by both the driver and the collection site to confirm the condition of the car on handover and a copy must be left with the collection site.

Please remember that we can only consider claims on visual issues that were logged at point of collection, so your driver needs to be confident that everything has been logged before signing.