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mfldirectDelivery Tracker

Stay up to date on the progress of your delivery with mfldirect Delivery. Created with our logistics partner, the delivery tracker lets you easily follow the status of each of your deliveries.

Just access the tracker through your purchase history, and choose the Track Your Deliveries option to view the Live Orders tab which will show you the status of each of your purchases.

Please note, we are currently unable to share the delivery status of vehicles from one of our refurbishment sites. If you buy a vehicle based at IT Fleet Loughborough, you will not currently be able to track its status on the Delivery Tracker. We hope to resolve this in due course.



Order received

Your confirmation and order details will be displayed here.


In planning

Your delivery is being planned by BCA logistics


Estimated delivery

The approximate date you can expect your car to arrive based on our standard delivery times.


Scheduled delivery

Your move has been confirmed, so we can give you a scheduled delivery date for your car.



The vehicle has been collected and is on its way to you.



Confirmation of delivery, including completed delivery date.

Keep a record of your delivered cars

All the details of deliveries in the last 30 days are kept on the tracker on the Delivered tab. You can look at the delivery history for each car and download their Proof of Delivery documents, in case you need to make a claim.