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Your Delivery Handover Review

When you choose the delivery option, we take care of the logistics and are responsible for your vehicle until delivered to you. Please ensure you have checked it over at your delivery handover review.

Your delivery handover review is important

Our cars are not always in the condition we’d like them to be, so our claims process makes sure your car is returned to an agreed condition standard. Your delivery handover review is an important first step in the process, as it creates the Proof of Delivery that will support any claim you might need to make.

We have a two step process to make sure that the Proof of Delivery report correctly describes your car’s condition.

  1. When your car was collected, your driver completed a first inspection and recorded everything on their handheld device.
  2. When the driver arrives the report on the handheld device will be shown to you, so you can confirm you are happy with what has been recorded, or make any necessary additions.


Completing your delivery handover review

The driver will bring along the handheld device with the condition report that was filled out at pick up. We want you to be happy that you’ve had enough time to make a complete inspection of your new purchase, so the driver will be onsite with you for 40 minutes from arrival.

  • Use as much of that time as you need to check the car and make sure what is on the device is an accurate reflection of its condition.
  • If anything is missing from the report, just ask the driver to update any comments or add any issues. If you would like additional photos taken, ask the driver to do this. We recommend that you log all issues - not everything will be claimable, but it will give you a complete record of the car’s condition.
  • Once you are happy that the report is correct and complete, sign off the report.

How to use the handheld device

You will need to use the handheld device to complete your Proof of Delivery document. Here are the steps you will need to take.


Pre-signature review
Check the details that were recorded at pick up, while you look round the car to make sure they are all correct.



Adding and editing
If you need to add anything else, just hand back the device to the driver and they will update any comments or add any other issues you have spotted. You can add more photos to help give that full picture of your car’s condition.


Final check
Once the driver has added your additional information, take back the device again for a final review of the report.

Once you are happy the report confirms the condition of your car, press the tick to continue.


Sign off
The last step is to enter your name and email address and to sign for the vehicle.

Once you have signed, the driver won’t be able to add any details, so please do make sure you’re completely happy with the report before signing for your car.

On rare occasions paperwork is used. If so, a copy will be left with you for your records


Your Proof of Delivery
To make things as easy as possible for you, your Proof of Delivery report will be immediately available to view on the mfldirectDelivery tracker.

You can reach this through your purchase history.