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Making logistics easy for you.

Our logistics partner will bring your car to your chosen delivery address within 6 working days, or 10 working days for overwater moves, and we keep you informed every step of the way:

  • You can easily follow the status of your deliveries through the mfldirectDelivery portal, which you can access through your purchase history. Please note, if you buy a vehicle based at IT Fleet Loughborough, you will not currently be able to track its status on the Delivery Tracker.
  • We usually deliver your car between 9am and 5pm, but if your delivery falls outside of these hours, the driver will check with you first.
  • Your uniformed driver will arrive with driver ID and the information you need to be able to check your new purchase.

And, for added peace of mind, we are still responsible for the car until delivered to you. Please ensure you have checked it over on arrival.

Delivery only location

Our Doncaster refurbishment site is operating on a delivery only basis right now. So please make sure that if you buy a car that is being held at this site, you're happy with the car being delivered to you instead of you collecting it. 


Fixed delivery costs

When you choose to use our delivery service, you will only pay one of two fixed costs - no matter how far the car is from your forecourt.

  • £140 delivery - if you choose to have your vehicle delivered, we’ll apply a flat £140 (excluding VAT) delivery fee when you confirm your purchase.
  • £315 overwater delivery - you will now know exactly how much your overwater delivery will cost, every time, with our flat fee of £315 (excluding VAT).

This delivery support will be applied to all purchases on mfldirect and mfldirectAuction.